The ICC has officially declared the much anticipated names of two mascots for Men’s
Cricket World Cup 2023 which begins on October 5, 2023 with the first match between
England and New Zealand at Narendra Modi stadium in Ahmedabad.

The female mascot is named ‘Blaze’ and the male mascot would be known as ‘Tonk’. The
names were announced after extensive voting was done worldwide by the ICC. Let’s delve
into the features of these dynamic mascots who seem to belong to cricket utopia called

Blaze is a fiery pacer having skillful accuracy and immense flexibility. She has wonderful
reflexes and is a determined competitor. She carries a belt having six orbs which consist of
enigmatic tactics.

Tonk is a superb batsman who carries an electromagnetic bat to generate incredible power
and displays a wide range of shots. He is also blessed with almost ice-like temperament and
maintains a cool composure in crunch situations.

The two mascots will be found at all the venues during cricket matches and at promotional
events. Fans will be delighted to interact with them and the dynamic duo have already
started creating buzz for the mega tournament.

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